General Contractor

Choosing a General Contractor:

The criteria for selecting a general contractor are the same no matter what needs to be accomplished. Whether it is for an entire overhaul inside and out or just a simple update to a bathroom, the homeowner should follow a few easy steps before hiring anyone to work on their home. By following these steps, the homeowner can rest assured that their precious investment will be safe and that the renovation will go according to plan.

After Hurricane Sandy, I hired a licensed and insured general contractor Long Island to gut and remodel my basement that had flood damage.

A great way to begin is by asking neighbors and family members who they have used in the past. Seeing a carpenter’s finished product firsthand and speaking to someone who has worked with them will give you a much better idea than just seeing a few pictures that the contractor chooses to share with you. If a neighbor or family member liked the work that was done, then ask how it was working with the contractor. Did they show up on time? Did they complete the job when they said it would be completed? Was the contractor easy to communicate with? This is all important information that can be gleaned from someone who actually worked with the general contractor.

Looking at online reviews is the next best way to go. Sometimes these are more reliable and sometimes they are not as reliable as speaking with someone who knows them. Online reviews can be more reliable if there are enough to make them statistically valid. If the company has a lot of reviews and they show a pattern, then the information should be pretty reliable. If there are not enough online reviews, then whether they are good or bad might not really be accurate or fair for the contractor.

Next, set up a consultation with the general contractor that was selected. Have a few questions ready beforehand. Make sure to ask whether or not the contractor will subcontract work to other businesses. This might be a deal-breaker, since you do not know anything about the subcontractor. Also ask what types of surprises can be anticipated for the type of job you are asking to do. Another great discussion point is to ask for advice or the contractor’s own opinion or suggestions for what you are trying to do. Remember, the general contractor has been doing this for quite some time, so they should have valid input for the job you are asking them to do.

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Tips for Kitchen Remodels:

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so remodeling it just makes sense. It is where family and friends gather to celebrate. It is where all the food is made and sometimes served. And, the kitchen is always in a convenient location where anyone can see it at any time. This means that this is the one room that should always be in top condition. So if there is any embarrassment when it comes to kitchen, then there is probably a remodel somewhere in its future.

Before we jumped into remodeling our kitchen, we consulted a general contractor to advise us and create a plan that suits our needs and budget.

When looking for the right general contractor for a kitchen overhaul, make sure that the work they are going to do will match the rest of the house. All too often, homeowners get overly excited about redoing their kitchen and go overboard without remodeling any other part of the home. This causes the kitchen to look amazing but to sort of be out of place with all the other rooms. So, even with all the work that is about to be done, make sure that the kitchen will still match the rest of the home. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look nicer. It only means that all the rooms should look like they belong all under the same roof.

When our company remodeled the office, they called Long Island flooring to refinish the damaged and worn out wood floors.

Another good tip when thinking of remodeling the kitchen is to add storage space. No matter what your style or budget, make sure to ask the general contractor how to add storage. This will make the kitchen look nicer by hiding away all the supplies and gadgets that are usually an eyesore. It also makes the kitchen much more functional. A user-friendly kitchen is much less stressful to work in, especially when entertaining large amounts of guests at the same time.

Lighting is another critical detail that is easily overlooked. Again, make sure it goes with the rest of the home and that it is functional. Counter lights add some nice ambiance, and they also make it easier to see what you are cutting or preparing. Some of the more upscale and futuristic kitchens now have lights inside the drawers and cabinets, so if this is something that matches your kitchen and home then go for it.

No matter what the homeowner is looking for, make sure to talk to a general contractor about how to open up the kitchen, make it more functional, and create additions that will increase how inviting the kitchen is and its value.

After our home had a flood we used hardwood flooring Long Island to repair our wood floors that were damaged.